John & Kate Kill Lochness Monster

John Adams
John Adams
Kate Chopin
Kate Chopin


In a heroic piece of history that shall not soon be forgotten, the former President of the United States, John Adams, and his wife, Kate Chopin (author of The Awakening) killed the legendary Lochness Monster of Scotland around 11 o’clock last night.

The Lochness Monster Before Death.
The Lochness Monster Before Death.

John and Kate, who were visiting via timewarp on their honeymoon (which originated in the year 1812) were boating upon the Loch Ness Lake when all of a sudden the monster of many a tale came crashing out of the waters and began to fly around them in the manner a dragon would presumably fly.


Luckily, Kate had her lucky harpoon gun with her, a memento from the Second World War and an object she never leaves home without.

Kate Chopin's Lucky Harpoon Gun

Kate Chopin's Lucky Harpoon Gun

With only three shots, The Lochness Monster was dead and John Adams and Kate Chopin were able to return to their romantic boating outting. And then they did it. Of course.


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16 responses to “John & Kate Kill Lochness Monster

  1. jackson

    Im surprised at the different accessories that women run around with these days

  2. Liz

    This is a much better couple than the reality t.v. one, at least they behave more civilized

  3. tevin89

    I was ganna try to go fishing for it, it was a life long dream of mine

  4. runforestrun

    The research that always goes into these reports always leaves me dumbfounded

  5. Kate is the definition of hot. Man, if John Adams wasn’t such a good friend and the co-signer on my first car loan I would have to hit on Kate.

  6. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    OMG that is the funniest thing EVER thanks for letting me know about this very crucail information!
    XO Shannon

  7. This is my kind of blog. Well done damn it. Finally, news that is fit to print.

    Best Regards

    Don Mills

  8. smith

    Tap that johnny boy

  9. Jim

    very well done, well done, pure genuine genius

  10. Luke

    This is definitely going to help me get my research paper done. I’m using this as a source. My teacher can deal with it!

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