Exclusive New Moon Pictures

keyboard cat twilight

twilight clown

january nicholson

From the movie I promise



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4 responses to “Exclusive New Moon Pictures

  1. That cat think he Ray Charles!

  2. So one time, this pale guy had sort of a plain girlfriend. He would not let her out of the tree because she was sure to leave him for someone much ruddier. Abusive jerk.

    One day, as they strolled through the woods, a killer clown attacked the pale guy from behind, freeing the girl from his clutches. Chivalry is not dead. The pale guy, I can’t really say that for.

    Meanwhile, Jack Nicholson scores, oblivious to the Killer Clown’s nefariously chivalrous act.

    (Soundtrack available on i tunes featuring the hit song, The Tree of Love by Cats in Bowling Shirts.)

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