Andrew Jackson’s album cover changes

jackson real talk

Spot the differences?

Due to the overwhelming responses that Andrew Jackson was a Nazi and zombie sympathizer, Deaf Jam Productions & Entertainment has suspended the release of the album Real Talk until the new album art can be printed and therefore ready to replace the old album art.

If you don’t remember the old album art, that was “supposed” to sympathize with Nazi zombies or whatever here that is…

jackson zombie

As you can tell yourself, there is not much in that.

So what exactly did they change? Not that much, which is clear. The font color choice seems to be different for Andrew Jackson, as well as the placement of his name, but besides that we are not too sure.

Any thoughts?



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7 responses to “Andrew Jackson’s album cover changes

  1. kylen

    Well I personally prefer this look

  2. jeff09

    So do I, the new one has some more…well diversity you could say

  3. thomas w.

    I like the old school look so ill have to go with the original one

  4. ryan89

    i like the pics they go along with the article

  5. joe jo

    lol i loved this

  6. ok

    i really like the way the new cover brings out what he really looked like

  7. mercedes

    this is better then yesterday ya’ll just saying

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