This picture is not of our historic founding. If that was shown, your toes would totally explode.

This picture is not of our historic founding. If that was shown, your toes would totally explode.

The Company was founded back in 1776 a few days before the Declaration of Independence was signed. In all honesty, we are still a little mad about those hooligans stealing our thunder and starting the “land of the free” or whatever.

Obviously, those who work for the Company in its modern form are not the same members from long ago, but we do believe they are still with us in some way guiding us in the right direction (for clarification on how they are still with us: their corpses are all stuffed and standing in various heroic and sometimes erotic poses within our boardroom.)

Our forefathers founded the Company for you, and we preserve it for you as well. Basically, it is all about you. Now we could go on and on about how this is a company started by the people and for the people, but we’re not going to lie to you. We are not people. People did not start this company. We are above the people. The staff of the Company has and always will be members of an elite group of the human race that are clearly more cunning, clever, and classy (the three C’s) than just common “people.”

Common people

Common "people"

But we are here to help! I can not stress that enough (due to my lack of writing abilities). Even though we may be far more elite than you and your kin, we wish to help you achieve something still far short of greatness but yet far greater than your peers. That’s really all you can strive for at this point. Being far greater than your peers is a dream you’ll just have to settle on.

So here is our gift to you, the people. We shall dispense our knowledgement across the lands from sea to other body of water. And in the end, maybe your mind may just expansiveness.


14 responses to “About

  1. Doctorate Upholder

    … indeed. Beyond well put.

  2. I’m confused. Uhm, WHAT?

  3. Just a bit of history as to our origins.

  4. Seems damned well clear enough to me.

  5. Well reaching 1 out 3 is decentish.

  6. I resemble those remarks.

  7. Having always been far greater than my peers, I commend you for your attempt to illuminate the masses. Erudite they ain’t. Cheers.

  8. sstorm0730

    Since my meager attempt at the literary has been deemed worthy of perusal by one of the Elite, I shall henceforth proclaim this (italics) my finest hour, lie in a warm tub and dutifully open my wrists as my work here is clearly done 😉

  9. I love your blog. It is very funny and very smart. I love smart humor. Also the pictures are awesome. I am a history fan and I love old photographs. HUH, looking at this comment, I sure do love a lot of things and it is kind of weirding me out. LOL.

  10. sekan’s mission statement:
    “The never-ending pursuit of the perfection of mediocrity.”

  11. What Don said.

    …but less ornery.

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