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First look, citizens…

Michael & Michael Have Issues premiers July 15th on Comedy Central. As we all know Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are the best, so lets all watch this!

Here is some proof of bestness…


Searching For Santa

My Custom Van a book by Michael Ian Black that we highly recommend

The best.

The best.

Amazon book link


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Global Happenings: Videogum’s Lindsay Robertson Laid Off

This is beyond the worst.

videogum laid off

Article here.

For those of you not familiar with Videogum, it is by far the best website (blog format) on the internet for keeping up with internet trends and cultural happenings for a targeted audience of hipsters, comedy nerds, and humor seekers.

Since it’s creation, two authors have taken up all the work on posts, Gabe and Lindsay, and have provided their fairly large but niche audience with a website they could embrace and call their own.

Lindsay will be sorely missed.

Eagle Tears Are the Worst Kind of Tears

Eagle Tears Are the Worst Kind of Tears

So that was depressing.


Lindsay will now be returning to her old blog So, fortunately, she is not gone forever.

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Global Happenings: Derrick Comedy’s “Mystery Team” Movie to Get National Release

Derrick Comedy in "Mystery Team"

Derrick Comedy, who everybody and their grandmother has heard of, has had their full length movie, Mystery Team, picked up by Roadside Attractions to be distributed to theatres nationwide this upcoming Fall. Here’s the trailer citizens…

For those of you who have not heard of Derrick Comedy, they are the most popular sketch based comedy group on Youtube. Besides being the most popular, they are also the best!

Here are some classic videos by them.

Girls Are Not To Be Trusted



Blowjob Girl

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Video: Hodgman Speaks of Nerds & Jocks to Obama

video studiesAs previously stated, both John Hodgman and President Barack Obama are the best. Here is the aforementioned and now happened speech Hodgman gave at the Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC, following Obama.

Live Long and Prosper, John Hodgman. You are the best.

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Global Happenings: NBC Washington Knows How to Market Things That Vibrate

A story was released on the NBC Washington website today entitled “Maker of Famous Vibrating Bed Dead.” Alright, seems perfectly acceptable as a story coming from what is supposed to be one of the most respected news-journalism sources in the nation. However, the picture used as the thumbnail preview and subsequently as the article picture headliner…

is not so much. Honestly WTF? The maker of the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed dies and NBC Washington markets it with two (presumably) lesbian and attractive females (once again presumably) about to use the vibrating system in a “magical” way of their own? Really?

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the picture in itself, people should be allowed to follow whatever orientation they please (whether that be gay or be attractive and derobed). The point is, the use of this picture is beyond lazy. These two attractive woman (who as stated previously are not wearing clothes and attractive) have nothing to do with this recent death (at least I hope not) and NBC Washington knows clearly well what they were doing when they posted this.

As an aside, I really love how the caption tries to play the picture off as nothing and state something about how motels should feel gratitude towards the founder for his legacy as the caption. Acting as if the ridiculously chosen picture is of no ridiculousness at all.


The picture has been changed. We are all kicking ourselves now for not saving the picture and just linking to the url. The picture may be gone forever.

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Global Happenings: Hodgman to give speech following President Obama!

im a pc im an obama

The immortal John Hodgman, who is the best, shall be speaking at the upcoming Radio and Television Correspondant’s Dinner immediately following President Barack Obama, who is also the best!

From Hodgman’s website…

hogman obama

So that is exciting, of course. If you are not familiar with John Hodgman’s books as of yet, BUY THEM NOW! Here are the links.

The Areas of My Expertise

More Information Than You Require

Featured within the former of these two treatises is a list of 700 hobo names which includes, in homage, the name  Illinois Obama. So look out for that!

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