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Digital Ethics Spanning a Period of Time from 1992 to a Mysterious Age Known Only as ‘Coming Soon’

video studiesWe in the company feel it is our ordained duty to warn our three readers of the dangers of ripping/torrenting/pirating/eating/licking/ (and/or) copying digital data using your computertron device.  Please don’t do it, for if you do, your computertron device will become possessed by a vindictive hip-hop spirit:

And that’s what used to happen in the 90’s.  Image what would happen today now that special effects technology has advanced to more sophisticated levels:

Scary, huh?  Who knows what was happening there – I sure don’t!


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Video: Hodgman Speaks of Nerds & Jocks to Obama

video studiesAs previously stated, both John Hodgman and President Barack Obama are the best. Here is the aforementioned and now happened speech Hodgman gave at the Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC, following Obama.

Live Long and Prosper, John Hodgman. You are the best.

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Video: New Web-Series By A.D. Miles

video studiesA.D. Miles has been the best for quite some time, but only recently has success come upon him. Luckily, his new fame (although minimal it is growing rapidly!) has not tainted his work as of yet, and he still finds the time to produce works such as this…

I suppose now you want me to give you a bj.

That was the trailer to a new web-series A.D. has created, so be on the lookout for its as of now unannounced premiere.


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Video: A New Way to Cut the Kiwi Fruit

video studiesRejoice! A new way to cut the kiwi fruit has been discovered! And seemingly by a very old man.

So there you go.

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Video: Ninjas Just Want to Help Out

video studiesSometimes the Police are just not enough. Known fact. When this is the case, a ninja who relies solely on the use of explosives must be called in to save the day.

Like Thunderclap? Sure.

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Video: Beware, Beware of the Vampire Lovers

video studiesEveryone must die!

I believe, if my timeline calculations are correct, this is a blatant rip off of Twilight.

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Video: How to Ride A Bicycle

video studiesThis guy knows what is up. His video is very useful to those wanting to learn how to ride a contraption entitled “bicycle.” Learning how to ride a bicycle is a skill for all ages, so watch this video with the whole family!



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