Hipster Abraham Lincoln Reviewments: Discovery’s LP

Hipster Lincoln inline skates to be ironic.

Hipster Lincoln inline skates to be ironic.

Former Illinois Senator, Abraham Lincoln, is a resident opinionator here at the Company. From time to time he opinionates movies, music, & sometimes even other things! As Abraham Lincoln eloquently puts it himself, “I do these whenever it is Mary Todd’s time of the month. That time which happens every month when she forces me to try and be more “hip” with the younger generations and such.”

Here is his take on Discovery’s LP, the new release for Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles.

Buy it today for under 4 dollars here.

Ah, a record such as this truly reminds me why I liberated all those people back in the day and gave them their full rights of dance. Sure there were other rights, but I feel the dancing part was the most important, perhaps that is just the old beard talking again though.

I have been a fan of both the Vampire Weekend and the Ra Ra Riot ever since my son, Tad, introduced them to me while we were riding our horses (the only means of transportation back in my day, kids! Not even walking was invented until 1922) to the local supermarket to buy some organic oranges.

To be quite honest I did not naturally relate to the heavily campus and youth based lyrics, but by God I certainly acted as if I did! Certainly would not want to lose credibility, especially not in those days when even a slight misstep such as not relating to Vampire Weekend would have been an easy target of criticism for those Southern ruffians. Those damn Confederates were always scrutinizing my levels of hipness. By God it almost makes me glad I was shot so I no longer had to hear Robert E. Lee’s constant ramblings on how I was not wearing my keffiyeh just right!

But I digress…

This new effort is if not exceptional, as the two’s former works certainly are, at least quite good. Rostam shows great talent and musical wherewithal in every song layering complex noise after complex noise while also maintaining or purposely detracting from lovely rhythms.

The only problems I had with this record were a few moments of cliche/poppish song-writing and a consistent quality of sounding like nothing more than an EP rather than a final LP (as the record is even named).

In any case, this is certainly one of the best efforts of the year so far.

Lincoln Rating: 3 1/2 well-brimmed top hats.


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