George Washington’s Missing Undies Found?

Where did Washingtons panties go?

Where did Washington's panties go?

After John Adams’ look of horror, we’re sure you’ve been dying to know what George Washington was wearing (or not) during the two’s comeback concert for their rap-rock infusion band, Gangs of Seahorses.

Gangs of Seahorses appeared on “Chin Chin” radio to perform a couple songs and chat with their fans via radio. Upon being asked about John Adams’ and George Washington’s skirt incident, George Washington immediately stated he “really wanted to explain this.” But then didn’t and decided to read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense outloud and word for word for the remainder of the interview.

So was George Washington wearing panties during Gangs of Seahorses concert or was he not? We’re leaning towards the latter, as it tends to take quite a lot to surprise Adams to that extent.

But if in fact, he was not wearing panties, where were they? Here are a few guesses…

George Washinton’s missing panties are…

in Alexander Hamilton’s pocket.

still at the township’s brothel.

the last place Washington saw them.

Washington’s own pocket.

still at Betsy Ross’ apartment.

In his pocket?

In his pocket?

Where do you think they are?

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4 responses to “George Washington’s Missing Undies Found?

  1. jamosjhalla

    own pocket is the safest and best place.

  2. But what if they accidentally fall out while he is scrambling for his keys?

  3. Washington’s lost panties is the only remaining evidence that America lost the Revolutionary War. Sure, America got it’s independence, but England got General Washington’s panties.

  4. pwner125

    I say them Ruskies stole this prized possession from the Masons back int the 70’s…man! Of course they did it for great money for heroin. But it was lost in the transaction. So my dealer got really mad and declared a second revolutionary war on himself.

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