Top 3 Favorite Sex Activities of Fruit

As we all know, fruit is by far the most promiscuous of all the World’s species. Scientists that are of the most prestigious say that a fruit’s brain is wired to think of mating constantly, and therefore partake it the act quite often.

Due to the repetitiveness of the action, the species of fruit has had to get more and more creative throughout the ages to keep things interesting within the bedroom. Through extensive research, we have discovered fruit’s top 3 sexual activities. Here they are.

3. The fruit orgy.

The fruit orgy allows fruit to mix and match, all during the same rising action, or in some cases multiple rising actions and therefore releases all in the same half hour time span!

2. Fruit Porn

Although in the human world, the use of pornography would be deemed less intense than a full blown orgy, in the fruit world things are a bit different. Fruit pornography is revered in a way that only the most sexually promiscuous of the fruit community partake in such acts. Some popular syndications include Exotic Fruit and Juicy Fruit Weekly.

1. Massive Public Fruit Orgies

Much like regular fruit orgies, massive public fruit orgies involve many many different fruits all engaging in the act of love making. This is just on a much larger scale. But what really makes these different from regular fruit orgies, is the fact that these are done in public and in front of multiple humans. Fruits are very turned on by having humans watch them while they engage in the act, and combining this with the already enticing participation in a fruit orgy makes this the number one favorite sexual activity of fruit.

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10 responses to “Top 3 Favorite Sex Activities of Fruit

  1. Sometimes I see fruit orgies in wicker baskets. I have even seen fruit arrange to have themselves delivered to a person’s home in the midst of their frenzied unions. What is the role of wicker in the sexual practices of fruit?

  2. OMG laughing so hard!!

  3. manurepitpolitics


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    i’mwant to cried

  5. How would you describe a perfect day when you were young?

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