Nude Pictures of Robots Leak (and you’ll never guess who!)

Well here they are, fellow citizens.

Unbelievably un-safe for work by the way.

The always enticing "spread em' wide" maneuver

KrX7-34: The always enticing "spread em' wide" maneuver

ZOLTRON 5: The Im already on my knees, master postion

ZOLTRON 5: The "I'm already on my knees, master" postion

The Private Session

The Private Session

ROBOTGIRLTRON: The actually kind of maybe...

ROBOTGIRLTRON: The actually kind of maybe...

The movie ROBOTS: Essentially porn.

The Movie "ROBOTS": Essentially porn.

The Videogame ROBOTS: Essentially porn, but interactive!

The Videogame "ROBOTS": Essentially porn, but interactive!

Oh my Akatosh (or The Oh-Holy Divine One), could you believe those robot sluts!



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40 responses to “Nude Pictures of Robots Leak (and you’ll never guess who!)

  1. Camera Girl

    I LOL’d at this one 😀

  2. Doctorate Upholder

    That’s very good to hear, as they turn off the oxygen in our working cells if not enough of the populus lols at our posts.

  3. Well done sir. This shameful trend must stop.

  4. warrior3000

    tHis ShIt bE CR8zy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. whoknows

    The nerve of these robots. How dare they believe that there can be such a thing as robot pornography. For a while I thought that society was finally beginning to progress towards a golden age in which pure man on woman porno was the only kind of porno allowed. It looks like we’ll all have to wait quite a while until the golden age arrives.

  6. iknow

    I have to disagree with whoknows, i actually think that robot pornographic pictures might actually be a good idea. It starts a new trend and can probably lead to great things

  7. nooneknows

    You are a sick freak iknow.
    Do you honestly believe that this crap will help society?

  8. iknow

    Yes, I do think that this will help society. Maybe if people start concentrating on robot pornography instead of other issues such as global warming or nuclear war then the world will be a better place.

  9. heknowswhat?

    Well I personally dont have a view on the pornographic part of this, however I do think that whoever put these pictures together into this…well article i suppose is very knowledgeable.

  10. nooneknows

    Well I suppose i’ll agree to disagree with iknow and to completely agree with heknowswhat?
    Going over this website has really expanded my knowledge towards many problems in todays society.

  11. idontknow

    These pictures are rather enlightening I must say. I must point out however, that I dont jerk off to them because that will make me a sick F*ck like iknow but i do think that they are rather interesting

  12. akatoshknowsall

    How can you say that these pictures are interesting idontknow?
    These are the kind of pictures that are poisoning our kids minds and make them want to turn into the pornographic industry and eventually turn out to either be a drug addict or a porn star

  13. iwanttoknowwhoakatoshis

    Clearly akatoshknowsall, you have some serious mind problems. How can you say that looking at these pictures will make a kid want to turn into a porn start?

  14. iknownothing

    All of you who have commented on this as something related to know have serious problems. it reminds me of this girl i know, i dont want to point out any names (sarah) but those kinds of people are extremely annoying.

  15. idontknow

    Who do you think you are iknownothing to be calling us out when you did the exact same thing? Its people like you that I find obnoxious

  16. iknownothing

    I know that I am a better person than you are idontknow because I have a LOT more money than youll ever lick.

  17. iwanttoknowwhoakatoshis

    You are a professional jerk iknowknothing.
    If I were to ever meet you in person i would punch you where you cant lick.

  18. iknownothing

    I have so much money i could pimp slap you in the funny bone with a wad of money.

  19. iknow

    All of you have forgotten what the true beauty of this article is while you concentrate on the nonsense that iknownothing means.
    anyway good job to the contributor of this article, truly a spectacular accomplishment

  20. iknownothing

    dont get me wrong, this is a great article. im just sorry it has to be read by low-life people like these

  21. iwanttoknowwhateveryonestalkingabout

    I have just one thing to say about what everyone here is writting about.


  22. whoknows

    Maybe you’re ridiculous iwanttoknowwhateveryonestalkingabout

  23. iwanttoknowwhateveryonestalkingabout

    How am I rediculous?
    Im not the one writting random B.S just for the fun of it.

  24. whoknows

    Maybe youre ridiculous because youve wasted some of your “valuable” time by reading all of this and commenting on this afterwords, if you think that this is ridiculous then just stop going through it and get a life.

  25. iknownothing

    For the first time I actually agree with whoknows. If you dont like the article, the website, or the people that comment of the article then go do something with your life

  26. iknow

    I second that.

  27. nooneknows

    I think we’ve all found something to agree on =)

  28. nooneknows

    That was without doubt the most troubling thing ive seen in today nooneknows

  29. nooneknows

    i was trying to copy and paste what iwanttoknowwhateveryonestalkingabout but i accidentally copied my own.

  30. iwanttoknowwhateveryonestalkingabout

    That just proves my point that this whole thing is ridiculous.

  31. iknownothing

    You truly are a jerk

  32. whoknows

    I feel as if people like him are just writting to get attention

  33. iknow

    People such as yourself.

  34. wtf

    you guys with the “know” names need to get a life.

  35. Let’s not descend into bickery. All commenters are more than welcome here.

  36. asshole

    Robot sex what?!?


  37. Pablo

    I do say how can you stand yourself after creating a website with photo graphical images of metallic creatures, commonly known as robots. And then degrading the metallic and shiny creatures by posing them in the nude????!!!!! You are quite a perv and a schnitzengruben as well my not so good man!!!

  38. Jimmy

    ive always wondered the scandalous things that robots are always up too, but as Pablo said, ” a perv and a schnitzengruben” you quite are, but thats why i luv this website, truly a fan, where else can u find this stuff?

  39. chris88

    whats up with all the “know” names

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