Video: New Web-Series By A.D. Miles

video studiesA.D. Miles has been the best for quite some time, but only recently has success come upon him. Luckily, his new fame (although minimal it is growing rapidly!) has not tainted his work as of yet, and he still finds the time to produce works such as this…

I suppose now you want me to give you a bj.

That was the trailer to a new web-series A.D. has created, so be on the lookout for its as of now unannounced premiere.



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7 responses to “Video: New Web-Series By A.D. Miles

  1. so immature


  2. getalife

    wow really?

  3. akatosh4000

    loves this video for all this greatness, i give it my blessing

  4. annoyingcommenter

    i am tired of leaving annoying comments on crappy youtube videos with over 1 million views, so I decided to change my occupation to commenting on websites like these, enjoyed the video though

  5. lauren

    i would watch like this, but the people need to be a little shorter, by a little shorter i mean really shorter

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