Intellectual Tramp Stamps

When it comes to having funment, people just got to havement. The problem, however, is sustaining a level of intellectual integrity when participating in such activities. Have no fear, as we are herement.

As everyone knows (even you!) getting a tramp stamp may be the most funness thing in the whole world. Correction, it is the most funness! But, as stated before, keeping a level of intellectual integrity is quite difficult when acquiring such a “stamp,” especially when tramp is right in the name.

To help you remain unscathed through this process of growingment, here is a list of intellectual tramp stamps that are both fun, and sexness.

1. The complete text to The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway. Most scholars will agree this is a defining work for 20th century American literature, so the fact that you have chosen this to share to the world will certainly earn you respect in all literary circles. Plus it gives your partner something to read for those long hauls!

2. A portrait of a fully-suited Jon Stewart and a naked Stephen Colbert staring defiantly into the distance. All intellectuals love these two men of honor. This is a fact. Plus the fact that Stephen Colbert is naked is appropriate as assumably your partner and you are also in this physical state.

3. A fake mustache. It is the perfect ironic joke. “Just trust me” (the immortal Michael Ian Black).

4. The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. On one hand there is nothing more sexness than a duel. The only reason why they were outlawed in the first place was because spectators kepts climaxing during the event and this nation was not about to be built on public climaxing. (Although if Ben Franklin had his way it would have been.) On the other, intellectual hand, only intellectuals will understand this tramp stamp. An understanding of your stamp means your partner definitely took a history course somewhere in grade school.

5. A taped copy of The New Yorker. Only intellectuals enjoy this magazine, and will therefore appreciate your tramp stamp to a great extent. Make sure you update this stamp every week!

Well, we certainly know this helped.


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