Global Happenings: NBC Washington Knows How to Market Things That Vibrate

A story was released on the NBC Washington website today entitled “Maker of Famous Vibrating Bed Dead.” Alright, seems perfectly acceptable as a story coming from what is supposed to be one of the most respected news-journalism sources in the nation. However, the picture used as the thumbnail preview and subsequently as the article picture headliner…

is not so much. Honestly WTF? The maker of the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed dies and NBC Washington markets it with two (presumably) lesbian and attractive females (once again presumably) about to use the vibrating system in a “magical” way of their own? Really?

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the picture in itself, people should be allowed to follow whatever orientation they please (whether that be gay or be attractive and derobed). The point is, the use of this picture is beyond lazy. These two attractive woman (who as stated previously are not wearing clothes and attractive) have nothing to do with this recent death (at least I hope not) and NBC Washington knows clearly well what they were doing when they posted this.

As an aside, I really love how the caption tries to play the picture off as nothing and state something about how motels should feel gratitude towards the founder for his legacy as the caption. Acting as if the ridiculously chosen picture is of no ridiculousness at all.


The picture has been changed. We are all kicking ourselves now for not saving the picture and just linking to the url. The picture may be gone forever.


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One response to “Global Happenings: NBC Washington Knows How to Market Things That Vibrate

  1. I must agree I do enjoy how the caption tries to portray the image the picture is giving off. However the ridiculous ridiculousness is blown a small tad out of proportion. The picture can not be so ridiculous to not portray the feeling of gratitude.

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