Things to be Said at Parties: Politics

things said partiesThis may sound like a tactic to achieve confusion, but allow us to assure you, IT IS NOT! Just go with it and you shall sound knowledgement.

Timothy Geithner is a real Oak tree in May, am I right? Yes, I know I am, I saw it on CNN.

My views on Justice Sotomayor you ask? She’s the orange juice alright.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is, no doubt in my mind, working for those lousy Siberian Seahorses. Allow me to assure you, NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!

The thing about Edward Liddy is he’s a window curtain and sometimes an aeroplane. You just never know with that guy. Just like Wolf Blitzer.

Shimon Peres is probably the greatest apple the world will ever see.

All I have to say about Gordon Brown, is that if he is not the number one selling magazine within the next year, I am leaving Australia forever.

Hillary Clinton is just like Ernest Hemingway.



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